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Newborn Must Haves (4-8 months)/ Baby Accessories

  1. Fruit Feeder
  2. Crawling mat
  3. Feeding bowl
  4. Baby Booster seat
  5. Car seat
  6. Feeding chair
  7. Baby food masher/ bullet/ Blender
  8. Baby stroller
  9. Baby spoon feeder
  10. Baby carrier
  11. Baby sit me up pillow
  12. Baby walker

I hope this list can be of great help to my fellow moms out there. I hope it gives your insight of what you will be needing once your baby starts growing and developing over the months. Please note, all babies are different and what one baby likes may be different with another baby likes.

With time you will learn what your baby preferences are.

Explanation of each and every item mentioned above:

  • Fruit Feeder – Perfect when introducing solid foods. You can fill the sac/bottle with strawberries, pineapple, watermelon, bananas, in preference to what your baby likes. It also helps soothe teething gums by nibbling on it. It’s very easy to clean and it comes with a lid cover so that you can store the unfinished fruit/vegetable in the fridge or prepare as an easy on the go snack.
  • Sleeping Bag – At this age most of the babies will not agree to being swaddled so a sleeping bag will come in handy. They are safe to keep your baby warm while they sleep and also convenient for moms. There are also comfortable as their legs can move around.
  • Crawling mat – Provides a safe place for your baby to play on the floor. The best place to place a crawling mat is on the floor. By being on the floor the baby will learn how to crawl, roll, stand and walk. You can also lay simple blanket or you can get a baby floor mat if you want to make a special place for them. Both are great option, of importance is that they are getting exercise on the floor.
  • Baby Spoon Feeder – Helps in transition from baby bottle weaning period/stage. Has a unique spoon with lid, suitable to feed your baby rice cereal. It is designed for mums to feed young children. It is soft and what I love about this spoon feeder is that, it’s easy to squeeze the food to feed your baby.
  • Baby Feeding Bowl – Once you introduce your baby to weaning, will need a baby feeding bowl.
  • Baby Booster Seat – Helps bring the baby right up to the table height for mealtime. The best thing about the baby booster seat is that you can use it as the baby outgrows the baby car seat.
  • Feeding Chair {High} – It is quite convenient for your little when starting to feed. The best thing I like about most high chairs is that your baby will be safe and comfortable during meal time.
  • Baby Food Masher/Bullet – The nutria-bullet is easy, convenient and comes with all awesome accessories to take your culinary game to the next level.

Food Masher – If you looking to simply mash up soft foods for your baby then a food masher comes in handy. Most mash bowls have food ridges ton ease up mashing. Most have teeth on the bowl that fits inside the teeth so that you get to the last bit of food.

If you don’t have any of the above don’t worry you can still use a bowl and a fork.

  • Baby Stroller – Gives you the flexibility to move around whether you are taking a walk in the park, estate or simply want to explore the outdoors. The baby stroller also gives you the flexibility when it comes exercising and staying fit. Comes in different sizes and varieties, it will all depend on budget.
  • Baby Car Seat – They are designed to protect babies from birth until they reach up to 16kgs depending on the model, from then the baby can use the baby booster seat. An infant/toddler car seat should always be installed to face the rear of the car. A small child is much less likely to get injured when in rear facing seat in case of a car accident. Make sure that the baby is safely buckled in all the time.
  • Baby Carrier – It’s so helpful from the supporting baby’s natural posture to reducing infant crying, strengthening the bond between baby and caregivers. There are so many different types of baby carriers in the market, your choice will depend on your budget.
  • Baby sit me up pillow – Helps the baby to learn to sit up quickly when on it providing infants a safe and comfortable sitting chair. The baby sit me up pillow is easy to carry and store. What I love about the baby suit me up pillow is the freedom it gives the baby to sit on his/her own, observe surroundings. Most of baby sit me up pillow have a back support design that keeps your little one from tripping forward or sliding out.
  • Baby Walker – Designed to help develop essential early learning skills in children. Helps your kid practice shape and color recognition, as well as hand-eye coordination. Helps your child learn to walk and stand on his/her own.
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