Baby Car Seat With 360 Degrees Rotation And ISOFIX( 0-12 Years)

  • For kids weighing up to 45 Kg
  • 5 point harness
  • Wide,twist-free straps
  • Front harness adjustment (tightness)
  • Seat belt Routing paths
  • Wings for sleeping and protection (padded)
  • Head Impact protection


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This is a car seat that can be used by infants and children till 12 years. It is well padded and provides cushion and comfort for your baby while driving. This is an ISOFIX Child Restraint system. It will fit in vehicles with positions approved as ISOFIX positions. It can also be used with vehicles without ISOFIX positions (manual)Can be used from 0-45kgs. It can be use in four positions: Group O+, I, II, III. Group 0+ is rearward-facing from birth to 9kgs, Group I is forward-facing from 9-18kgs, Group II and III are forward-facing from 25-45kgs. Car Seat for child safety during travel in you car while going for short or long distance and while alone in the car. only suitable if the approved vehicles are fitted with lap/ 3 point/ static / with retractor safety belt. Do not leave your child in this restraint for an extended period of time. Any straps holding the restraint to the vehicle should be tight, that any straps restraining the child should be adjusted to the child’s body, and that the straps should not be twisted. Any luggage or other objects liable to cause injuries in the event of a collision shall be properly secured.
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