Babycare Formula caresons (perfumed petroleum jelly)

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Product Name:  Babycare Formula caresons (perfumed petroleum jelly)
Usage: used as part of a regular skin care routine by massaging onto skin for hydration that’s gentle enough for the most delicate skin
Quantity: 500g
Age Group: Newborn, Infants & Toddlers, Children and adults


  • Caresons Babycare Formula Petroleum Jelly is the original skin protector – it has been used to protect and help heal dry skin to this day, it effectively cares for your skin. Babycare Formula Petroleum Jelly is triple-purified and hypoallergenic and is the ideal product for a multitude of uses, including a moisturizer for sensitive skin. Caresons Babycare Petroleum Jelly is a product you can trust. Its triple-purification seal guarantees each jar of  Jelly has been purified not once, but three times to remove impurities. It is dermatologist recommended and is appropriate for use by those with sensitive skin. Caresons Babycare Petroleum Jelly is also perfumed, a hypoallergenic moisturizer that is non-irritating and non-comedogenic (it won’t clog your pores). Caresons Babycare petroleum Jelly has many uses, including personal care, baby care, and beauty. Unlike some topical lotions and creams, Caresons Babycare petroleum Jelly penetrates into surface skin layers and locks in moisture to create a protective barrier. By sealing in moisture, it assists the skin’s natural recover to help dry skin heal. This can rejuvenate visibly dry skin and help reduce the appearance of fine, dry lines. This Jelly creates a protective barrier that protects skin against environmental factors, such as windburn – and has been used for over 100 years to protect minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. A moisturizer for sensitive skin should be gentle on the skin, safe and effective at moisturizing and protecting your skin. Babycare Petroleum Jelly combines all of these properties in one convenient cap jar. Regular use of this hypoallergenic moisturizer will help you gently care for your skin and maintain smooth, deeply moisturized skin.
  • BABYCARE petroleum jelly is specially prepared with special ingredients so as to keep your baby smelling nice and comfortable all day long.

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