Intergrated Electric Breast Pump

  • All-in-one design breast pump & easy to use.
  • Safe and hygienic.
  • 3 modes each with 9 levels ( massage, stimulation and expression)
  • USB rechargeable battery.
  • Quiet operation and high efficiency.



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Material: PP
Power Supply: USB Rechargeable Battery
Color: Pink,

Mom’s best choice, smoothly sucked without trouble, safe, comfortable and healthy.do not contain harmful substances.High temperature resistant, easy to clean, more safer.

Low power, little vibration, low noise, smooth running.Small and light, easy to store and carry while going out.

How to use: The breast pump needs to be used with the usb interface.

Health tips:
1. Wash hands before using milk pump to milk or treat breast milk.
2. The breast pump is hot with a hot towel before milking. Massage stimulates the areola to make the breast completely clear.
3. Milking at your own pressure. Breasts or nipples should stop milking when they feel pain.
4. Just squeeze out the amount of eight points for milking (no more than 20 minutes)
5. Use a lidded container when storing breast milk
6. Remove breast milk that has been refrigerated for more than 72 hours (3 days)
7. Do not put refrigerated breast milk and fresh breast milk together.
8. Thaw the refrigerated breast milk or link the container to the warm milk for warm feeding.
9. After the defrosted breast milk is thawed, if the baby can not finish drinking after 24 hours, please do not repeat the refrigerated breast milk. Dispose of the remaining and disinfect the container.
Packing list:
2.USB Charging Cable (without charger)
3.Motor  4.Silicone diaphragm * 1, Breast shield * 1, valve and bottle * 1   5.Carrying bag  6.Bottle brush
Only the above package content, other products are not included.
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